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Why should you hire Verdae for your project?

The generally accepted method of HVAC design is for the designer to size the load of the building, making sure there is enough reserve capacity for when the building performs worse than expected, and every system designer knows that buildings rarely perform as well as expected. So any competent design will make sure the safety factor is adequate, to more than cover any unexpected load, after all no one has complained that the building heats or cools to well, but will scream if it does not heat or cool as expected.

There is another way, which is the Verdae way. Involve the HVAC designer with the design of the building envelope. The building is a complex system and the HVAC system is a critical sub-system of the building, interacting in predicable ways with the building system. By making sure the buildings thermal, air and moisture control systems work as well as possible the HVAC designer can reduce the safety factor to near zero, because the building works as expected. In fact, the only way to be sure the building does perform as expected is to make sure the details of the building envelope work properly, otherwise the HVAC system has to be oversized by 200% to 400% larger than it should be, just to take care of the extra load.

By applying building science to the art of construction design and implementation, Verdae is able to reduce the building load by as much as 75%. Because the building envelope works properly, Verdae does not have to add in safety factors. Because the building envelope works properly, the occupants are comfortable. Because the building envelope works properly, the indoor air quality is superb. Because the building envelope works properly, the building is more durable and needs fewer repairs. Because the building envelope works properly the energy needed to heat, cool and ventilate it is very small, so it is possible to become zero net energy with a positive cash flow from day one.

Why should you hire Verdae for your project? We know how to put the pieces together so that the building is the most energy efficient, most comfortable, most durable it can be. Verdae provides the interconnectivity needed for a successful high performance building. We provide the interdisciplinary understanding from conception to completion needed to assure building science is properly applied, making a zero energy building a possibility for any project.

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Conception to Completion Consulting

Any building can be zero net energy.

Invest in your future with a renewable energy powered high performance building.

It's not magic...
it's building science.

Innovative design by Lloyd Hamilton, Certified Geothermal Designer, lowers first cost and operating cost, while increasing comfort and indoor air quality.

System tune-ups can save 10% to more than 30% in operating cost.

We solve geothermal system problems.
High performance design and construction management for commercial and residential projects.

Consulting services available for architects, builders, owners and investors on high performance buildings and HVAC systems.
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